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hangoskönyvek a látás helyreállításához

Together we make the world more liveable!

műtét rövidlátás után negyven

With our advocacy activities and with our various services we want to achieve an easier and more liveable world for the blind and partially sighted people. The books and periodicals produced by our Federation in accessible formats like Braille, audio and electronic files enable people hangoskönyvek a látás helyreállításához visual impairment to get to all kinds of information and culture. Our Textbook Department carries out the transcription of textbooks and provides the supply of visually impaired pupils with accessible textbooks to their needs either in Braille or large-format printing, or as audio material.

hangoskönyvek a látás helyreállításához

Our aid tool shop sells a wide range of low vision products, devices and accessories facilitating the everyday life of visually impaired people, at affordable prices. For a more detailed introduction of our Federation click on the button bellow: Donation Please, donate the Hungarian Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted.

We welcome any help to fund our services for blind and partially sighted people in Hungary.

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